Zheng Joyce Wang

TDAI Faculty in Residence; Professor, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Wang’s research is in the areas of information processing, communication, and decision-making, with a focus on dynamic and context effects. The potential implications of her research are the design of more effective messages, media platforms, and communication campaigns, and better decision aids and shared decision-making. One of the overarching goals of her work is to help solve the problem of connecting and integrating short-term and long-term effects of messages and media on emotion, cognition, and decision. Another overarching goal is to build probabilistic and dynamic systems based on quantum rather than traditional classical probability principles to account for various puzzling, “irrational” phenomena in decision and cognition.

I specialize in

PhD, Communications and Cognitive Science, Indiana University
BA, Journalism and Mass Communications, China Youth University for Political Sciences


National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research