Maria Palazzi

Professor of Design, Director of Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design; College of Arts and Sciences

Maria Palazzi is Professor of Design and the director of the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at The Ohio State University. In the Department of Design she teaches and advises in the MFA program. As director of the center, Palazzi is responsible for fostering multidisciplinary research opportunities for graduate students and faculty in the evolving areas of computer animation, the arts, and technology.

Palazzi’s creative research is focused on the conveyance of ideas and information using storytelling and the medium of computer-generated graphics and animation. Within this framework her work lies at the intersection of animation, visual communication, information design, and computing. Her experience and expertise in design and the production of animation is closely integrated with her role as an educator within the context of a new media research center. As an educator, she facilitates discipline-specific application while simultaneously engaging students in multidisciplinary research, learning, and practice.

I specialize in

MA, The Ohio State University
BSD, The Ohio State University