David Landsbergen

Associate Professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Quality information is timely, accurate, and useable information. Professor Landsbergen’s research examines the legal, policy and managerial challenges to obtaining quality information for public decision-making. He is currently working with a regional consortium of 12 local governments on how to successfully utilize social media. A second project is examining an integrated legal, policy, and managerial approach to managing social media as public records. His past work has focused on integrating information systems so that they are interoperable; making information systems secure and trustworthy; identifying best policy and managerial practices for open source software; providing recommendations on how to improve the standards-setting process; and designing policies and systems that protect privacy and improve public records access. As a John Glenn Scholar, he helped develop a Central Ohio response to the Digital Divide.

I specialize in

PhD, Public Administration, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
JD, Syracuse University College of Law
MPA, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
BA, Economics and Philosophy, Rutgers College