Dana Haynie

Professor, Sociology; director, Criminal Justice Research Center; faculty affiliate, Initiative in Population Research

Professor Haynie’s research applies social network methods and theories in order to better understand processes related to crime and delinquency. Examples include work that examines the diverse ways in which peer relationships and social networks affect adolescent involvement in risky behavior. Current projects include studies that collect social network data on currently incarcerated offenders to better understand how inmate social networks (both within- and outside-of prison) affect incarcerated behavior as well as post-release outcomes. Another current project collects social network data from an online drug-trade network (found on the “darknet”) to better understand the structure of these illegal markets, processes that drive transactions, and how the drug market changes over time.

I specialize in

PhD, Sociology, Pennsylvania State University
MA, Sociology, Louisiana State University
BA, Sociology, Salisbury State University


National Science Foundation
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Justice