Catherine Calder

Professor, Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Calder’s research interests are in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, network analysis, and Bayesian methods. Her methodological contributions have been in the areas of dimension reduction for spatio-temporal data, the development of covariate-driven nonstationary spatial models, data-augmentation algorithms for spatial generalized linear (mixed) models, latent space models for two-mode networks, and model-based comparisons of networks. Much of her research is motivated by applications in the environmental, social, and health sciences. She currently collaborates with social scientists at Ohio State on the Adolescent Health and Development in Context Study, a longitudinal study of adolescents and their daily activity patterns. Calder is also associate editor of Annals of Applied Statistics and Bayesian Analysis, and the Ohio State node director for the Research Network for Statistical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

I specialize in

PhD, Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University
MS, Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University
BA, Mathematics, Northwestern University