Alvaro Montenegro

Assistant Professor, Geography, College of Arts and Sciences; Director, Atmospheric Sciences Program

Dr. Montenegro’s research interests encompass various aspects of climate change and climate variability, particularly physical and biogeochemical processes occurring at the global and continental spatial scales. He has used both climate models and observation to answer scientific questions such as: What will climate be like 5,000 years from now if we burn all available fossil fuel reserves? Will large scale planting of trees worldwide cool or warm the climate? Could ocean acidification have caused the global extinction event 250 million years ago? Could the Polynesian islands have been discovered by accidental drift voyages? Could the transoceanic crossings from Africa have introduced the bottle gourd into the Americas?

I specialize in

PhD, Physical Oceanography, Florida State University
MS, Physical Oceanography, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
BS, Oceanography – Coastal Resources Management, University of Rio Grande, Brazil
BA, Business and Administration, Get´ulio Vargas Foundation, Brazil