Wherry Lecture: “Dynamic Text Networks”
Time: 3 p.m.
Date: November 30, 2017
Location: 209 W. 18th Ave. (EA), Room 170

The Department of Psychology will host David Banks, PhD, for the 2017 Wherry Lecture.

About the talk: There are many examples of dynamic text networks, such as the Wikipedia and citation networks. This research combines models for dynamic networks with topic models in the context of U.S. political blogs. The key idea is that if two bloggers are linking to each other, then they are discussing the same topic, so the network structure should inform topic discovery. Similarly, if two bloggers are interested in the same topic, they are more likely to link, so the topic mining should improve inference on network dynamics. This leads to new methods for community detection and interpretable insight into topic evolution.

About the speaker: David Banks obtained an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Virginia Tech in 1982, followed by a Ph.D. in Statistics in 1984. His research areas include models for dynamic networks, dynamic text networks, adversarial risk analysis (i.e., Bayesian behavioral game theory), human rights statistics, agent-based models, forensics, and certain topics in high-dimensional data analysis. He co-founded the journal Statistics and Public Policy and served as its editor. He co-founded the American Statistical Association’s Section on National Defense and Homeland Security, and has chaired that section, as well as the sections on Risk Analysis and on Statistical Learning and Data Mining. He has published 74 refereed articles, edited eight books, and written four monographs.

He is currently the president of the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. He recently won the American Statistical Association’s Founders Award.

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