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2016 Status Report

Since its launch in 2014, Translational Data Analytics has made notable progress connecting with industry partners and convening Ohio State's data analytics experts to co-develop solutions, prepare tomorrow's workforce, tackle global challenges, and create a world-class facility designed around innovation. Presented here are key accomplishments, organized by TDA's program objectives.

Enable World-Class Collaboration and Innovation in Translational Data Science

  • Programmed 21,000 square feet of research, teaching and innovation space in Pomerene Hall, TDA’s future home and the university’s data analytics hub. The unprecedented facility received $40 million in state funding and will open April 2018. Shown at right: a rendering of TDA’s future home in renovated Pomerene Hall.
  • Launched the creation of a dynamic new Data Commons to facilitate big data sharing and problem solving, incorporating industry and community partnerships
  • Submitted three research grant proposals with private sector partners to accelerate drug discovery using natural language processing and semantic analysis techniques, to prepare students for careers in data analytics, and to reduce risks of infant mortality in central Ohio
  • Hosted and sponsored 12 outreach and engagement events on campus that brought together students, TDA affiliates and other faculty, and industry partners. Among these were two TDA Fall Forums that featured TDA faculty; invited speakers from Tableau Software, Columbia University, and Georgia Institute of Technology; and poster sessions.
  • Co-led the first Amazon Web Services’ “Agriculture in the Cloud Day” event at Ohio State, which brought together more than 100 university and industry experts, students, and members of the local community to discuss the use of big data and the cloud to improve agriculture

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Develop Externally Responsive Translational Data Analytics Solutions that Have Demonstrable Global Impact

  • Established or initiated strategic partnerships with nine companies, including securing $370,000 for local research projects
  • Built international relationships with Japanese companies, government agencies and universities focused on data analytics solutions and talent

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Expand the Workforce Capable of Delivering Translational Data Analytics Solutions

  • Engaged with leaders of the undergraduate data analytics major and related degree programs to support cross-university workforce development
  • Assembled the first comprehensive analysis of graduate-level academic programming in data science and analytics across all 15 colleges at Ohio State, resulting in plans to develop two new master’s programs
  • Sponsored student development through a networking event with more than 100 local tech leaders, a lecture and roundtable with Microsoft Vice President Kristin Tolle, OHI/O Hackathons, and an ASA Datafest
  • Utilized industry and student feedback to create a data analytics-focused student resume template and tip sheet for employers looking for talent at Ohio State

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Build a Sustainable Core of Data Analytics Scholarship

Awarded $125,000 in seed grants, which was supported by nearly $94,000 in matching funds, to advance discovery and application of data analytics methods and tools to solve a diverse set of challenges, from managing memory for Alzheimer’s sufferers to locating unexploded munitions that threaten populations throughout Southeast Asia

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