Does big data really matter?

It does if you make it work for you.

Promoting healthy communities

TDA scientists are using data analytics tools and techniques to understand and predict microbial threats to health, food supplies, and natural resources worldwide.

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104faculty affiliates representing 46 disciplines 80existing and emerging community and industry partnerships 39new faculty recruited, across 9 colleges 1stresearch university to create a data analytics bachelor’s degree
Translational Data Analytics: A foundational component of the university’s $500 million Discovery Themes initiative.

Feeding the global population

Ohio State researchers in precision agriculture are addressing skyrocketing food production needs with new monitoring tools and analytics to improve crop yields and resource management.

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Member Directory Together, TDA faculty turn questions into answers, ideas into innovation.

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Raghu Machiraju, PhD TDA Faculty Director Translational data analytics is use-inspired, and it is important. It is about making research useful for the human condition. David Mongeau, MS, MBA TDA Program Director Our faculty and students are so driven to deliver solutions that make a difference, you can’t help but be energized by TDA. We’re making sure the university's unprecedented investment in data science and analytics matters.

Sustaining our energy and environmental resources

Ohio State faculty and students are engineering new hybrid car technologies and utilizing modeling and simulations to guide their design decisions.

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January 4, 2017   |   News
Big Data for Good: Fighting the flies

In the latest Big Data for Good feature, TDA affiliate Laura Kubatko, professor of statistics and evolution, ecology, and organismal biology, discusses her work using statistical techniques to protect the...

December 14, 2016   |   News
Study gathers first-ever measure of public support for algal bloom prevention

Scientists have found good strategies for curbing the toxic algae blooms that have threatened some of the nation’s water supplies. Farmers are willing to adopt these strategies. The American public...

December 14, 2016   |   News
How soil moisture can help predict power outages caused by hurricanes

In the days before Hurricane Matthew, researchers used satellite maps of soil moisture to help forecast where the power would go out along the East Coast. At the American Geophysical...

November 30, 2016   |   News
What wind, currents, and geography tell us about how people first settled Oceania

Just look at a map of Remote Oceania – the region of the Pacific that contains Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, French Polynesia and Micronesia – and it’s hard not to...

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Creating solutions,
advancing data science.

Improving business performance and customer experience

TDA faculty in statistics, food production, and management sciences are using data analytics and visualization to collaborate with a major food producer on increasing manufacturing process efficiencies and output.

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January 4, 2017   |   News
Keeping a "watch" on health

As smart devices continue to open the doors of possibilities, TDA affiliate Emre Ertin and other engineers at Ohio State are finding new ways to monitor and detect health problems...

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State of Research Address and Innovator Awards

8:30 a.m.
Ohio Union 1070 (U.S. Bank Conference Theater Room)

IRB Training for Graduate Students (Workshop)

4-5 p.m.
Research Commons (3rd floor, 18th Ave. Library)

Software Workshop: Introduction to R

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
PAES 110

Institute for Population Research Seminar with Jan Box-Steffensmeier

12:30-1:30 p.m.
038 Townshend Hall

XSEDE HPC Workshop: Big Data

11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Ohio Supercomputer Center's Bale Theatre