Food and AgriCultural Transformation — June 2, 2017

The Smith Lab "Pop-Garden" Project

Through productive use of the university's resources, both land and people, the InFACT program aims to pioneer new physical, ecological and cultural models of food systems that promote health while balancing technology, ecological capacities, economics, justice and equity as our primary responsibility to each other and the world. Recognizing that change begins at home, InFACT seeks to work with campus partners to rethink use of productive land on the Ohio State campus.

InFACT has partnered with GrOSU, Sustainable Growing Club at Ohio State, Knowlton School of Architecture, Department of Anthropology and OSU Landscape Services to create the Smith Lab "Pop-Garden" Project, consisting of two 20x20 plots on the 18th Avenue side of the building that will soon display crops that can serve as food, pollinators and for aesthetics.

The “Pop-Garden” will provide various attractively colored corn and grains pictured below, all varieties that can be popped. By growing organic and non-GMO varieties of corn, as well as lesser-known grains like millet and amaranth, the GrOSU students hope to make an educational statement about the state of modern agriculture.

With the help of students, faculty and staff, including the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program and fellow Discovery Theme members from TDA and SRE, planting took place on May 25-26, 2017, which will put the garden in bloom just as students are returning to campus this fall.

Dakota Black Popcorn
Golden Giant Amaranth
India Red Popping Sorghum
Love lies bleeding Amaranth
Pygmy Torch Amaranth
Purple Majesty Millet
Red Garnet Amaranth
Ruby Red Corn
Tom Thumb Popcorn