Foods for Health — July 17, 2017

Foods for Health awards three postdoctoral research awards

The Foods for Health Discovery Theme announced three recipients of FFH Postdoctoral Researcher Awards: Husheem Michael (OARDC Food Animal Health), Jalal Siddiqui (Biomedical Informatics) and Bo Zhang (Chemistry and Biochemistry). Recipients will each work on a transdisciplinary, collaborative project that uses metabolomics to address a relevant problem in the food-nutrition-health axis, with mentoring by two or more faculty affiliates in the FFH initiative. Each award of $32,205 will support half of the stipend plus associated benefits. The support is expected to result in the development of a competitive proposal submitted to a federal agency or industrial sponsor, one or more first authored manuscripts and presentation of results at the annual meeting of the Metabolomics Society and/or an international conference on metabolomics.

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