Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT)


All of humanity depends upon safe, sufficient, affordable, accessible and nutritious food – but environmental, political, economic and cultural challenges pose threats to our food supply. Ohio State's interdisciplinary focus on food security is addressing these interdependent and complex problems – locally and globally.

Today, more than 250 diverse food and food-related experts are connecting to the ingenuity of our students, devote communities of farmers and engaged global partners to accelerate discovery and translate new thought into practical solutions. We are forming and scaling teams to pioneer multi-faceted physical, ecological, cultural and social models of food systems that promote health while balancing technology, ecological capacities, economics, justice and equity. Through public-private partnerships, we are expanding capacity to implement new food systems amidst environmental change and constraints.

Ohio State is leading new thought for food to create resilient and sustainable food systems. Click to hear Faculty Director Casey Hoy share the InFACT systems approach to transformation.

Program Leads

Faculty Director

Casey Hoy, PhD

Executive Director

Brian Snyder, MTS, PMBA


Food and AgriCultural Transformation

Students Plant Seeds of Culture Change

Through the InFACT-led AgriCULTURE Gardens Initiative, a demonstration plot featuring native plants was seeded outside of Smith Lab in May 2018. In collaboration with Landscape Services, students from the Landscape Architecture program at Ohio State's Knowlton School designed the garden. Students from Ohio State's Sustainable Growing Club (GrOSU) and staff from InFACT will maintain the space.

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Food and AgriCultural Transformation

InFACT "New Thought for Food" April 2018 Newsletter

Stay informed in the world of Food and AgriCultural Transformation with the April 2018 edition of the "New Thought for Food" newsletter.

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Food and AgriCultural Transformation

COMPAS Colloquium: Food Pyramid Scheme with Christopher Carter

InFACT is a proud co-sponsor of "Food Pyramid Scheme" with Christopher Carter, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego. On April 16th, Carter will explore the structural inequalities that exist in the domestic food system for both producers and consumers, paying particular attention to the underlying sociological and theological assumptions that permit the current food system, whose shortcomings disproportionately affect communities of color, to be viewed as normative.

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Food and AgriCultural Transformation

Ohio Smart Agriculture Project Update

The Ohio Smart Agriculture: Solutions from the Land initiative seeks to build upon partnerships that have developed as part of a diverse coalition of agricultural, environmental, food security and health leaders across Ohio.

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