Food and AgriCultural Transformation — February 28, 2018

The Burgeoning Internet of Food: Feb. 28

New Opportunities for Food, Food Systems and Health Informatics

Seminar with Matthew Lange, PhD

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 3 p.m.

Parker Food Science and Technology Building, Room 120
2015 Fyffe Court, The Ohio State University

Part Semantic Web (SemWeb), part Internet of Things (IoT), and part blockchain: the emerging Internet of Food (IoF) holds promise to change the way we conduct science, assign value to commodities and processes, transact food business, and develop policy and intervention programs related to food systems.

A confluence of technologies underpinning the IoF support new economic models where companies compete to be more traceable, more transparent, and ultimately more trustworthy. At the same time, increasingly harmonized data structures and vocabularies enable data sharing/collaboration and publication/communication mechanisms spanning scientific disciplines, geographic boundaries, and dimensions of time and space from protein folding to earth observation.

At this seminar, Dr. Lange will highlight work being conducted at the International Center for Food Ontology Operability Data and Semantics (IC-FOODS@UCDavis) together with public and private partners, including The Ohio State University, to build IoF infrastructure.

Matthew Lange, PhD

Professional Food and Health Informatician and Research Scientist, UC Davis Food Science and Technology

Dr. Lange’s research program is helping to define and shape a new scientific discipline known as Food Informatics, while simultaneously enabling the engineering of a computable infrastructure for the burgeoning Internet of Food (IoF). Part Semantic Web (SemWeb), part Internet of Things (IoT), the IoF is the global, evolving knowledge base of food that exists as ontologies and linked object data (LOD) stores.

Dr. Matthew Lange