Foods for Health — November 20, 2017

Growing bioinformatics capabilities in metabolomics at Ohio State

Given the 'Big Data' nature of metabolomics research, collaboration is needed to foster continued growth of metabolomics capabilities at Ohio State. As part of Data Analytics Month at Ohio State, FFH hosted a roundtable event on October 27, bringing together 25 faculty and staff, representing 12 departments/units and 7 colleges, to discuss ideas about what is needed to grow bioinformatics capabilities in metabolomics. Moderated by Ewy Mathé, Assistant Professor in Dept. of Biomedical Informatics and affiliate of both TDAI and FFH, the group explored needs for collaboration around three main topics: 1) Integration of data for multi-omics research, 2) Integration of big data sets for NMR and mass spectrometry analysis, and 3) Data visualization. If you are interested in joining a collaborative effort in one or more of these topics, please send an email to