Landscape Designs and Policies

Landscape Designs and Policies - Discover landscape designs and policies that enhance the viability of diversified agricultural systems.

Key questions answered:

  • What new designs can encompass shared visions and encourage transitions to diversified agricultural landscapes that enhance environmental, social, and economic benefits?
  • What social and political, economic, and cultural factors constrain or support movement toward more diversified agricultural landscapes?

Funding Opportunities
- NSF S&CC RCN, Linkage and Leverage (2018-19: Forbes Lipschitz; 2017-18: Nick Kawa and Forbes Lipschitz; 2016-17: Joel Wainwright; 2015-16: Andrew Barringer [student])


- USDA AFRI Foundational Agricultural Production Systems
- USDA AFRI Sustainable Ag Systems
- USDA AFRI Foundational Bioenergy, Natural Resources and Environment (BNRE) Conference
- USDA AFRI Foundational BNRE Soil Health
- USDA AFRI Foundational Critical Ag Research and Extension - Food and Agricultural Cyber informatics Tools

Forbes Lipschitz, Nick Kawa, John Davis, Jake Boswell, Sami Khanal, Joel Wainwright, Kaiguang Zhao, Bhavik Bakshi, Ajay Shah, Shoshanah Inwood, Michelle Kaiser, Kara Young, Shoshanah Inwood, Ayaz Hyder, Jill Clark, Andy Contigiani, Marilia Chiavegato and Stephen Matthews

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