Linkage and Leverage Grants

Our vision is for The Ohio State University to be the worldwide leader in developing conceptual models and practical examples of climate-resilient, secure and equitable agricultural and food systems. Improved health and functioning of agroecosystems, socio-cultural institutions and human health are our barometers; sustainability, resilience, adaptation and equity at all scales are our watchwords. Food security for all despite local constraints and global volatility is the overriding aim. Both strategic new faculty hiring and investments in our current strengths, including this grant program, will address the challenge of transformational change in food security.

The Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation Linkage and Leverage Grants program seeks to Link (forge transdisciplinary connections among OSU faculty, staff, students and external partners) and Leverage (bring new talents, expertise, and resources to our initiatives as a result of our collaborative work) to address compelling food security challenges by building on our strengths in climate, environment, technology and agroecosystems; local to global engagements; new food economies; and campus food cultures and education.