InFACT Linkage and Leverage Grant Q&A

How can a private individual or group get in touch with a university faculty member to pitch an idea for project funding?
A good first step would be connecting with your county OSU Extension educators, and working with them to find the research faculty who can really contribute to the idea. There is still an internal set of connections that will be needed in that the Linkage & Leverage grant program requires a collaboration between faculty from multiple colleges. Building a team at that scale may take some time, but may also help identify additional sources of funding and other support for the idea.

If I include external partners is that sufficient for linkage?
We encourage collaboration with partners outside of Ohio State University, but the project must include Ohio State faculty co-investigators from multiple colleges to meet minimum requirements for eligibility. Faculty teams within Ohio State colleges have alternate sources of funding; the Discovery Themes including InFACT support work at the intersections among colleges.

Can a person outside of Ohio State serve as a Principal Investigator on a Linkage and Leverage grant?
An external partner may share leadership of a project with an Ohio State faculty member by serving as a coPI with Ohio State coPI's. The Ohio State coPI's must still represent multiple colleges.

Do matching funds count as leverage?
Matching funds are appreciated and encouraged but do not constitute leverage for the purposes of this grant program. Expected leverage would be use of the results of the proposed project within a year of its conclusion, or after the first year of a workgroup grant, in ways that bring substantially more support to bear on advancing the InFACT research agenda. The typical way for this to occur would be project results used as preliminary data in a grant proposal that would bring at least an order of magnitude more funding than the L&L grant in direct support of the InFACT research agenda, but other equivalent forms of increased support could be considered. Specific plans for acquiring this additional support will be needed.

Does the project have to focus on Ohio?
No, the project must focus on the InFACT research agenda and creating both linkage and leverage in support of the research agenda.