Our Pillars

Three pillars guide the implementation of the Humanities and Arts Discovery Theme at Ohio State:

1. Deepening student engagement in the humanities and the arts

Short-Term Working Goal: Students are aware of curricular and extracurricular opportunities in the humanities and arts.
Long-Term Working Goal: Appreciation for the role of the humanities and the arts to a broad education leads to curricular innovations and increased enrollments.

2. Building intellectual community and collaboration among the faculty within the Arts and Sciences and across the university

Short-Term Working Goal: Faculty find it easier to talk about research and projects taking place outside as well as inside of their departments and to find connections across campus.
Long-Term Working Goal: Faculty see Ohio State as a place that they can never outgrow and in which they want to build a career: a place where there are endless connections to be made that help colleagues hone their ideas and develop new research and teaching interests.

3. Increasing Ohio State's national recognition and distinction in the humanities and arts

Short-Term Working Goal: We will join with foundations, government agencies and other institutions in being national thought leaders in articulating the ongoing important of the humanities and the arts as disciplines of memory, meaning, and understanding.
Long-Term Working Goal: The academic reputation of the university increases because of our faculty's recognizable strengths in certain areas of research and creative expression.