Humanities and the Arts


The humanities and arts are about creation, connection, reflection and curiosity. Ultimately, they're about how we live and the decisions we make. That's why complex problem-solving starts with an understanding their human and social dimensions.

Focused on the human dimensions of the grand challenges society faces, Ohio State is:

  • Deepening student engagement in the humanities and the arts
  • Building intellectual community and collaboration among the faculty
  • Re-affirming the importance of graduate and post-graduate education in the humanities
  • Preparing the next generation of humanities PhDs for careers beyond the academy.

At the same time, Ohio State is nurturing connections among the many disciplines of the humanities and the arts, promoting an organic flow of ideas in fields as rich and diverse as visual art, film and media art, music, theater, dance, creative writing, languages, culture, race and gender, classics, history, philosophy, religion, literature, and linguistics. All these play a role in how society sees itself and will demonstrably influence how it moves forward.

Program Lead

Dean of the Humanities and the Arts

Peter Hahn, PhD


The Humanities and the Arts

Call for Applications: Faculty Directory of "Human Dimensions of Global Challenges" Focus Area

The Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme (H&ADT) seeks a faculty director to lead its focus area on the Human Dimensions of Global Challenges.

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The Humanities and the Arts

Block Grant-Sponsored Colloquium: Shelly Kagan, “Death, Deprivation, and Rational Regret”

Is death a bad thing? According to the “deprivation account,” death is bad because the dead don’t get the various goods that they would have if only they were still alive. But it’s not normally a misfortune when a merely possible good doesn’t come your way. (Bill Gates didn’t write you a check for a million dollars today, but it would be silly to be upset about that.) So how can death actually be bad? We’ll explore a promising answer.

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The Humanities and the Arts

Arts-Based Rehabilitation Therapies: A Mobile Coffee Discussion

Arts-based rehabilitation, broadly defined as music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, medical humanities, and similar interventions, is a platform to connect researchers and care providers across disciplines at The Ohio State University.

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