Highlighted Funding Opportunities

Please send an email to FFH@osu.edu with a relevant funding opportunities to add to this list.


Grants funded by the Foods for Health Discovery Theme:

Other Internal Funding Opportunities

Grant Writing and Proposal Development

If you have a research idea or proposal, we can assist with the identification of potential sponsors and with proposal development. We will also facilitate building collaborative teams to address specific research interests. Comprehensive listing of resources related to funding sources and proposal development: go.osu.edu/funding

Strategies for Planning, Developing, and Writing Large Team Grants
Research Development & Grant Writing News

Funding Opportunity Databases

The following databases and resources are kept up-to-date by their respective organizations, including the National Science Foundation and The Ohio State University Office of Research.

Ohio State Office of Research Funding Opportunities and Research Database
Ohio State Office of Research Internal Funding Opportunities
National Science Foundation Outreach Activities