Business & Industry


With a strategic investment in the Foods for Health initiative, Ohio State is poised to become a leading institution in the United States in the science of food and nutritional metabolomics. Foods for Health fosters collaboration among experts from across campus, including food and nutritional sciences, kinesiology, medicine, environmental health, plant and animal sciences and data analytics, with shared goals of advancing knowledge and developing solutions to improve health and prevent disease.


Foods for Health offers business and industry a connection to the expertise at Ohio State. We're ready to understand your research needs and work with you to convene the right team of problem solvers—from nationally recognized faculty to well-prepared students.

We work with the Industry Liaison Office (ILO) to facilitate industry access to Ohio State expertise and university assets. The ILO works with the Foods for Health team to address company needs by:

  • building multidisciplinary research collaborations across campus
  • facilitating engagements between companies and career services for student interns, capstone programs and employee recruitment
  • connecting with the Technology Commercialization Office for access to OSU innovation processes and inventions