Food and AgriCultural Transformation — January 25, 2018

Food Systems Seminar with Kate Clancy (Jan. 31)

About Kate Clancy

Kate Clancy is a food systems consultant, visiting scholar at the Center for a Livable Future Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, adjunct professor at Tufts University, and senior fellow in the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Minnesota. She has published, taught, spoken and consulted widely on sustainable agriculture and food systems with government agencies, universities, and nonprofits around the country.

Building Successful Interdisciplinary Systems Projects

Wed, Jan 31 - 11am-12:30pm

To be held at the Columbus campus at Smith Lab 3150 or participate via Zoom

As the mandates and opportunities increase for researchers to participate in large, complex systems projects, it can be useful to learn more about the challenges these efforts pose, and how they've been handled by other collaborations. This interactive lecture will describe a dozen "ingredients of success" for interdisciplinary research teams, and illustrate each with examples from an extensive seven-year project on food security in the Northeast United States.

Building a Career in Food Systems Research and Practice

Wed, Jan 31 - 2pm-3:30pm

To be held at the Columbus campus at Smith Lab 3150 or participate via Zoom

The science, expertise, and collaborations among scientists involved with sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems has evolved over the past few decades, along with changes and challenges in the U.S. food system. Building an academic career in this arena offers both opportunity and challenges. This conversation will explore paths forward particularly for early career scholars like Discovery Theme hires, including social, cultural, and resource barriers, and how to maneuver through and around them.