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What are superbugs? What is antibiotic resistance?

Superbugs are bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic/antimicrobial drugs typically used to kill them. They are estimated to cause 700,000 deaths every year. If no action is taken, these numbers are expected to rise dramatically, causing more deaths than cancer by 2050. This would mean common procedures such as giving birth, treating wounds and undergoing surgery could become fatal due to a lack of effective antibiotics.

CNN: How to stop superbugs from killing 10 million people a year

How is Ohio State involved?

Ohio State is at the forefront of grappling with the complex issue of antimicrobial resistance. There a dozens of organizations and centers working on advancing our knowledge and capabilities.

Leading this effort are areas like the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, helping coordinate efforts on campus and performing outreach to the Columbus area and beyond.

Watch and Learn

Debbie Goff TEDx Talk

Antibiotics "Just in Case"

Debbie Goff, PharmD, presents at RiskX by TEDx Columbus on the implications of treating antibiotics as "risk-free" drugs.

Debbie Goff

Battling Superbugs

From the Ohio State alumni magazine's Master Minds Series

Jeff LeJeune

Jeff LeJeune

"How do we intervene on the farm to enhance the safety of our food supply?"

Luanne Hall-Stoodley

Luanne Hall-Stoodley

"Bacterial biofilms, why some infections just won't go away?"


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How much do you know about antimicrobial resistance?

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Under the Weather?

Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, not viruses. Find out which you might have.

What's got you sick? (PDF)

What can I do?


Spread awareness by promoting accurate, research-backed knowledge about superbugs and antimicrobial resistance with these tools from the CDC.


The effort to combat superbugs continues everyday at Ohio State and research organizations around the world. See how you can contribute to the effort.

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