All of humanity depends upon safe, sufficient, affordable, accessible and nutritious food—but environmental, political, economic and cultural challenges pose threats to our food supply. Ohio State’s transdisciplinary focus on food security through the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT) is timely and critical.

The university’s investment in this area will add dozens of new faculty to its hundreds of food and food-related scholars currently representing disciplines as diverse as agriculture, architecture, nutrition, social work, public health, engineering, economics and more. Our faculty, staff, students and partners will work to secure resilient and sustainable food systems to assure the health and well-being of a growing world population in the face of unprecedented environmental change and constraints.

One of the nation’s largest universities—with six campuses across the state; extension offices in all 88 Ohio counties; international gateways in India, China and Brazil; and collaborations that extend throughout the world—Ohio State will serve as a living laboratory. Our campuses, both land and people, will pioneer new physical, ecological, cultural and social models of food systems that promote health while balancing technology, ecological capacities, economics, justice and equity. Through collaborations among faculty, students, artists, farmers, designers, industry partners, policy makers and many more, Ohio State’s leadership will bring about transformational advances in good food for all.

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