Mobile Coffee Series

The Humanities and Arts Discovery Theme is beginning a conversation series on national topics in higher education and liberal arts in the 21st century. These dialogues will begin a broader discussion of public perceptions of the humanities and the arts and their place in society.

Travel Grants

Funding for individuals or teams to visit other universities and attend conferences. Participants observe the humanities and arts in action, spread the word about Ohio State scholarship, and bring findings to ongoing conversations about the humanities and arts at Ohio State.

Departmental Block Grants

Funds may be used for programs such as lectures, panels, roundtables, exhibitions, performances, special programs, community outreach, and print or media communications projects. Only faculty within the Division of Arts and Huamanities may apply.

ACLS Postdoctoral Partnership Initiative

Funding from the American Council of Learned Societies to support two postdoctoral fellows in the humanities. The fellows will begin two-year appointments in the fall of 2016, working and studying within Ohio State's rich interdisciplinary environment. The fellows will benefit from interaction with postdoctoral peers from across the university and faculty mentors in the areas of teaching, professionalization, and research.

Cost-Sharing for External Grants

Foundations and federal agencies such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts sometimes require institutional cost-sharing in order to apply for a grant or fellowship. In such cases, the Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme will consider requests for cost-sharing. Applicants should contact Melinda Nelson at with information about the grant and any required cost-sharing. Requests will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Priority will be given to those that include matching funding from another unit within the university and that directly address the three pillars of the initiative.

Next Generation PhD

The Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme initiative has provided a $50,000 grant to a planning group committed to re-articulating the importance to institutions and to society of humanities PhDs, while making changes that will prepare those PhDs for careers beyond the academy. The planning group, listed below, expects to identify one or two specific initiatives to build on by the end of the 2016-17 academic year. For more information, please see the December 2016 issue of the Humanities and the Arts newsletter. [need to add the link]

Members of the Next Generation PhD Planning Group are:

  • Barry Shank — Comparative Studies (Convener)
  • Lindsay Bernhagen — UCAT
  • Angela Brintlinger — Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
  • Shelly Casto — Wexner Center
  • Simone Drake — AAAS
  • Stephanie Ford — ASC Advising
  • Danielle Fosler-Lussier — Music
  • Jill Galvan — English
  • Aman Garcha — English
  • Robert Holub — Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Mark Hubbe — Anthropology
  • David Huron — Music
  • Karen Hutzel — Arts Administration
  • Alan Kalish — UCAT
  • Zeb Larson — History
  • Rick Livingston — Comparative Studies
  • Sonia Manjon — Barnett Center
  • Louis Maraj — English
  • Melinda Nelson — Academic Affairs
  • Dorothy Noyes — English
  • Nathan Richards — English
  • Jessica Riviere — UCAT
  • Tony Sanfilippo — University Press
  • Joanna Spanos — ASC Advising
  • Shari Speer — Linguistics
  • David Staley — History
  • Maurice Stevens — Comparative Studies
  • Shannon Thomas — Ohio History Connection
  • Mary Tschirhart — Public Affairs
  • Chloe Tull — History
  • Kathy Wallace — Graduate School
  • Susan Williams — Arts and Sciences