Arts and Humanities Pilot Projects and Mobile Coffee Series
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The Humanities and the Arts - Discovery Themes at The Ohio State University

Arts and Humanities Pilot Projects:

Promoting Connections

Last year the Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme provided a $1.1 million grant to the Division of Arts and Humanities to support projects that would advance the Theme’s three overarching pillars, while identifying potential signature areas of study. In June 2016, the division awarded these funds to eleven pilot projects.

Today, the Human Rights in Transit pilot project has grown into a collaborative network of Ohio State faculty and graduate students invested in thinking critically about human rights, the human, and the environment. The project has launched a series of informational podcasts, the most recent of which is on the topic of Sanctuary Cities. That and other podcasts on Thinking Across Refugee and Indigenous (Re)Settlement and Problematizing Humanitarian Intervention in Latin America are available here.
Other pilot projects are experimenting with pop up (time-limited, intensive) collaboratories that bring together artists, humanists, and scholars from a range of disciplines. For example, in January the ColLABoratory helped forge closer ties between the Project Narrative pilot project and Ohio State’s program in Disability Studies. At this one-day conference 75 faculty members and graduate students explored interconnections—and tensions—among narrative, medicine, disability, and rhetoric. Then in March, the Humane Technologies Pop-Up Collaboration for Livable Futures brought 150 faculty and students together over the course of five days to work on artist-driven human technology projects. Such collaboratories are encouraging colleagues in the arts and humanities to work in the lab settings that are more common in the sciences, marking a culture shift in their scholarly practice.
Project Narrative affiliates are engaged in other areas as well—for example, coding the screenplay for the pilot episode of the Amazon series Transparent so that it is searchable by scene, character, location, and other elements of the narrative. In addition, the episode is being coded to mark key moments in its overall narrative progression. The coded screenplay will be presented to Amazon to demonstrate how users can read and re-read it according to their own interests. Project Narrative has also recently collaborated with the Infectious Diseases Discovery Theme focus area to help tell the story of Ohio State’s unique approach to the problem of antimicrobial resistance. Their collaboration has resulted in a video that is helping publicize the growing threats of superbugs and antibiotic resistance.
Updates on other pilot projects will be featured in upcoming issues of this newsletter. In the meantime, please click on the links for the latest information on Environmental Humanities, Global Mobility, and the Transnational Black Citizenship Project.

Mobile Coffee Series:

Join Us at Our Upcoming Mobile Coffee

  Monamie Bhadra
A mobile coffee roundtable hosted by the Chronic Brain Injury Discovery Theme focus area is set for May 5, 2017, from 3:00 to 5:00pm in the Research Commons. Co-sponsored by the Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme and the Center for Brain Health and Performance, the event will feature Ohio State faculty and staff who will talk about their work and the emergent nexus of arts, neuroscience, and rehabilitation. Topics will include strategies for funding success, accessing and leveraging Ohio State resources, partnering with campus organizations, aligning projects with career advancement goals, and developing sustainable activities. The roundtable will build toward developing an incubator for arts-based rehabilitation projects, research, and coursework. Refreshments will be provided. The event is free and open to all. For more information, contact Kedar Hiremath.

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The Humanities and the Arts Discovery Themeis an initiative designed to increase undergraduate student involvement, promote faculty connections, and increase Ohio State's national visibility in the humanities and the arts. We create programming and facilitate conversations in the interest of identifying areas for long-term funding as part of our continuing development.
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