Planning for the Humanities and the Arts Discovery Theme began in the late spring of 2015, following an announcement from Provost Joseph Steinmetz. Like all of the Discovery Themes, it is focused on critical societal needs in line with Ohio State's mission as a public, urban, land-grant research university. It is defined by three pillars:

  1. Deepening student engagement in the humanities the arts
  2. Building intellectual community and collaboration among the faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences and across the university
  3. Increasing Ohio State's national recognition and distinction in the humanities and the arts

Current Programs

There are several grant programs available in the 2016-17 academic year that support opportunities for faculty and students interested in the arts and humanities to come together for conversation, to travel in small groups to other institutions and conferences, and to participate in seminars, lectures, colloquia and other events.  There is also cost-sharing available for faculty applying for grants from external agencies and foundations. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences has launched eleven pilot projects through a $1.1 million dollar grant. By the fall of 2017, we plan to identify at least one topical area of permanent focus and launch several faculty searches in this area.

Knowing that graduate and post-graduate education is a key component of the long-term strengths of the humanities and the arts, this Discovery Theme is also supporting several programs focused on research and career development for graduate and post-graduate students. These include a next-generation humanities PhD planning group, led by Professor Barry Shank of the department of comparative studies, as well as the ACLS Postdoctoral Partnership program.

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