The Ohio State University's Discovery Themes initiative is catalyzing meaningful collaboration to solve today's complex challenges. Discovery Themes investment in the Foods for Health initiative will develop Ohio State's metabolomics expertise and strengthen the network for collaboration across all disciplines -- transforming how the university works with industry and community partners to develop solutions to improve health.


Foods and nutrition for healthier individuals and communities.


To create a healthier future for individuals and populations through the application of scientific approaches integrating foods and nutrition, metabolomics, and health.


Many costly and preventable chronic conditions — heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity — are affected by diet. In addition, inadequate nutrition is a major cause of developmental delays and death worldwide. A healthier future is possible with discoveries that personalize prevention and medical care. Insights from metabolomics will contribute to development of personalized dietary recommendations, strategic design of novel foods, and nutritional interventions that promote wellness and decrease risk of disease and its severity. By building on collaborations among faculty that span a breadth of expertise, and by joining with key partners in the public and private sectors, Ohio State will create a healthier future for individuals and communities around the world.

Assets to Leverage

Ohio State is uniquely positioned to develop metabolomics-based food and nutritional solutions to improve health. Ohio State is the only university in the U.S. that convenes agriculture and all health science colleges with other related disciplines on one easily navigable campus to enable a ‘crops-to-clinic-to-consumer’ approach. With world-class teaching, research and outreach throughout the university, our experts span diverse disciplines, including food and nutritional sciences, kinesiology, medicine, environmental health, plant and animal sciences, data analytics and more. Strong collaborative teams and state-of-the-art technology exist in numerous multidisciplinary centers at Ohio State. Strategic investment in new programmatic excellence, faculty hiring, training, and funding opportunities through the Discovery Themes initiative is advancing knowledge and fostering the type of transdisciplinary collaboration required for meaningful discovery.

Building Partnerships

The Foods for Health team works to advance a culture of engagement and collaboration, working closely with university resources to build a broad-reaching network for collaboration both internal and external to Ohio State. Partnerships will benefit all stakeholders, as we work toward a shared vision of foods and nutrition for healthier individuals and communities.

The Foods for Health initiative will establish Ohio State as a leader in personalized food and nutritional metabolomics for health by:

  • Targeting new faculty hires committed to collaborative research, specifically lipidomics experts, food and nutritional metabolomics scientists, and nutrition and medical scientists who will use metabolomics to study both health and chronic disease.
  • Using a targeted investment strategy to support new faculty hires and existing faculty at Ohio State through graduate student fellowships, postdoctoral researcher support, technical support staff, administrative personnel, metabolomics equipment, seed grants, seminars and workshops.
  • Engaging existing faculty by enhancing collaborations and building upon the strengths of current cross-disciplinary programs on campus, such as the Center for Advanced Functional Foods Research and Entrepreneurship, Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resource, and Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention research program, and connecting these faculty with Discovery Themes resources.

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