Diversified Farming Systems

Diversified Farming Systems - Discover diversified farming systems that can contribute to greater economic, social and environmental benefits in agricultural production.

Specific research questions answered:

  • Where is diversification currently occurring, and how are changes in diversification on Ohio farms affecting economic, social, and environmental outcomes?
  • What is the potential for greater crop diversification and integration of crop-livestock systems to diversify Ohio agriculture, including use of new crops, crop rotations, continuous living cover, new plant and animal cultivars and breeds, and other production practices?
  • How can increased diversification in Ohio agriculture contributed to improved food security, food safety, and nutrition?

Funding Opportunities
- NSF S&CC RCN,, USDA AFRI Small and Mid-Sized Farms, Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research, Linkage and Leverage (2015-16: Rick Livingston, Joel Johnson, Wladimiro Villarroel; 2016-17: Joel Wainwright, David Francis, Kip Curtis; 2017-18: Rebecca Garabed, Mary Rodriguez, Nick Kawa and Forbes Lipschitz; 2018-19: Forbes Lipschitz)

- USDA AFRI Antimicrobial Resistance
- MacArthur Foundation 100&Change

- NSF/USDA/UKRI Signals in the Soil

- NSF Accelerating Research through International Network-to-Network Collaborations

- USDA AFRI Foundational Sustainable Agroecosystems

Doug Jackson-Smith, Kristin Mercer, Steve Culman, Christine Sprunger, Scott Shearer, Sami Khanal, Forbes Lipschitz, John Davis, Lisa Fiorentini, John Fulton, Joel Johnson, Rattan Lal, Joel Wainwright, Kaiguang Zhao, Ian Howatt (Byrd Polar), CMASC, Rebecca Garabed, Tony Parker, Kelly George, Jeremy Bruskotter, Alia Dietsch, Mark Flint, Lyda Garcia, Stan Gehrt, Steve Matthews, Hua Wang, Thomas Wittum, CHAIRE, CAPS, Kip Curtis, Jessica Cooperstone, Maria Soledad Benitez Ponce, Mike Hogan, Tim McDermott, Matt Kleinhenz, Chris Taylor, Marilia Chiavegato, Alison Bennett, Brad Bergefurd, Fred Michel, Gabe Karns, Sayeed Mehmood and Kathy Smith

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