Chronic Brain Injury Directory

Leadership Team

College of Medicine Bert C. Wiley Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP, FACRM

College of Medicine Director, Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

John Corrigan, PhD, ABPP

Office of Academic Affairs Program Manager

Kedar Hiremath, MPH

College of Engineering Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Joel Johnson, PhD

College of Engineering Professor, Materials Science Engineering

John Lannutti, PhD

College of Medicine Director, Center for Brain & Spinal Cord Repair

Phillip Popovich, PhD

Faculty Directory

College of Medicine Stem cells, organoid models, regenerative medicine

Rene Anand, PhD

College of Medicine Neuromodulation, treatment, acute, electrostimulation

Marcia Bockbrader, MD, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Animal models, neuropharmacology, cognitive deficits

John Bruno, PhD

College of Medicine Neurophysiology, motor control, biomechanics

John Buford, PhD, PT

College of Arts and Sciences Neuroscience, undergraduate education, placement

Charlie Campbell, PhD

College of Medicine Aging, geriatrics, infectious disease

Jeffrey Caterino, MD

College of Engineering Biosensors, brain interface, neural circuits

Vanessa Chen, PhD

College of Engineering Game technologies, physical therapy, visualization

Roger Crawfis, PhD

College of Engineering Signal processing, wireless communication, biosensors

Emre Ertin, PhD

College of Medicine Brain and spinal cord injury, stem cells

Frank Farhadi, MD, PhD

College of Engineering College of Medicine Neural interfaces, stretchable microelectrode arrays

Liang Guo, PhD

College of Nursing Data science, sports-related TBI, asthma

Lynda Hardy, PhD, RN, FAAN

College of Optometry Traumatic brain injury, photophobia, pupillometry

Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD

College of Pharmacy Pharmacology, neurodegeneration, cellular mechanisms

Kari Hoyt, PhD

College of Engineering Microwave sensing, rough surface scattering

Joel Johnson, PhD

College of Medicine Stroke, neurodegeneration, cell biology

Savita Khanna, PhD

College of Engineering Wearable electronics, neural circuits, neuromodulation

Asimina Kiourti, PhD

College of Medicine Deep brain stimulation, high-intensity focused ultrasound

Vibhor Krishna, MBBS

College of Medicine Constraint-induced therapy, stroke, rehabilitation

Deborah Larsen, PhD, PT

College of Engineering Nanotechnology, polymer engineering, regenerative medicine

L. James Lee, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences TBI, communication disorders, neuroimaging

Yune Lee, PhD

College of Medicine Neurodegeneration, glutamate transporters, Alzheimer's

Glenn Lin, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Computational modeling, computer-aided drug discovery

Steffen Lindert, PhD

College of Medicine Drug delivery, tumor biology, neurosurgery

Russell Lonser, MD

College of Arts and Sciences Neuroimaging, computational brain models, Alzheimer's

Zhong-Lin Lu, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences TBI, rehabiliation, pediatric, communication

Jennifer Lundine, PhD

College of Engineering Computational neuroscience, neuroimaging, pattern recognition

Aleix Martinez, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Pediatric speech sound disorders, language development

Rebecca McCauley, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Decision-making, memory, diffusion model

Gail McKoon, PhD

College of Nursing Geriatrics, delirium, patient outcomes

Lorraine Mion, PhD, RN, FAAN

College of Medicine Mechanisms Associated Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors & Signaling Proteins

Peter Mohler, PhD

College of Veterinary Medicine Animal models, CNS injury, neuropathic pain

Sarah Moore, DVM, ACVIM

College of Medicine Neurotrauma, rehabilitation, patient outcomes

Jerry Mysiw, MD

College of Medicine Neuronal signaling, biological rhythms, neurological disorders

Karl Obrietan, PhD

College of Medicine CNS development, neoplastic disorders, stem cells

Jose Otero, MD, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Medical humanities, narrative medicine, literature

Jim Phelan, PhD

College of Medicine Spinal cord injury, neuroimmunology, regenerative medicine

Phillip Popovich, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Neuroplasticity, aging, mindfulness, neuroimaging

Ruchika Prakash, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences Decision-making, memory, diffusion model

Roger Ratcliff, PhD

College of Medicine Epidemiology, clinical research ethics

Carson Reider, PhD

College of Medicine Stroke, nutrition, neuroplasticity

Cameron Rink, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences TBI, neuroimaging, functional and structural connectivity

Zeynep Saygin, PhD

College of Medicine Alzheimer's, dementia, neuroimaging

Douglas Scharre, MD

College of Medicine Spinal cord injury, TBI, neuroimmunology

Jan Schwab, MD, PhD

College of Medicine Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Pain Management

Lauren Southerland, MD

College of Medicine CSF, biomarkers, Alzheimer's, synaptic injury

Rawan Tarawneh, MD

College of Nursing Geriatrics, cognitive dysfunction, rehabilitation

Judith Tate, PhD, RN

College of Medicine Neurotrauma, axonal repair, neural plasticity

Andrea Tedeschi, PhD

College of Medicine TBI, neuroinflammation, neuroendocrinology

Zachary Weil, PhD

College of Engineering Nanotechnology, quantum dots, neuronal growth

Jessica Winter, PhD

College of Engineering Recombinant protein, biopharmaceutical development, process development

David Wood, PhD

College of Engineering Nanotechnology, robotics, mathematical modeling

Mingjun Zhang, PhD, DSc