Events & Activities


CBI provides seed grants, travel awards, equipment support and funding notifications to interdisciplinary researchers

CBI offers events, programs and staff to help faculty connect to resources, partners and research opportunities

Professional Development
CBI connects faculty to training opportunities that improve management and marketing of research activities

CBI offers summer research fellowships for undergraduates working in CBI faculty labs, and is developing new programs for graduate students, postdocs, medical students and medical fellows

Travel Awards
CBI offers travel awards to support trainee presentations at national and international conferences

Experiential Training
CBI hosts project workshops and arranges internships with community & industry partners, including volunteering and shadowing opportunities

Navigation & Networking
CBI staff help private and community organizations to access Ohio State's talent, resources, and facilities, and to develop new partnership opportunities

Community-based Research
CBI supports partnered research projects between Ohio State faculty and community organizations through the University's Connect & Collaborate program

Community Events
CBI works with community groups to sponsor research and patient education events including an annual TBI Summit


Annual Events

CBI hosts a number of annual events, including workshops, conferences, and networking activities. These are great ways to glimpse the breadth and diversity of our science and meet the research community.

Research Day

CBI's flagship event is our annual Research Day, which convenes Ohio State faculty, staff, and students from across the university to share and discuss the latest insights into chronic brain injury topics. This symposium features poster presentations, short and long research talks, and opportunities to learn about resources and colleagues.

Ohio TBI Summit

CBI co-sponsors the Ohio TBI Summit, hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Ohio. This conference brings together health professionals, brain injury survivors, researchers, and caregivers to learn about brain injury survivorship and care in Ohio. Attendees also include members of the Brain Injury Advisory Council, Ohio's legislative team focused on supporting and guiding brain injury resources across the state.

Brain Health Hack

Along with partners in the Center for Brain Health & Performance and the Neuroscience Research Institute, CBI hosts the Brain Health Hack, a weekend workshop for undergraduates to develop mobile health solutions for brain injury, recovery, and performance enhancement. Students in neuroscience and psychology partner with peers studying computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, communication, and more to create smartphone applications, virtual- or augmented-reality interventions, and other tools to improve lives at home, in the clinic, or on the go.


NeuroTrauma Research In Progress Seminars

CBI's flagship seminar series meets biweekly to share and discuss current projects in brain injury, spinal cord injury, and related topics. This series brings together basic and clinical biological scientists, engineering and data analytics researchers, and pychologists and neuroimagers into a single collaborative group. NT RIPS is co-sponsored by the Center for Brain & Spinal Cord Repair.

Harry Fu - August 9, 2019 Matt Goodus - August 23, 2019


NeuroTechnology Seminar Series
CBI offers a seminar series and journal club to explore and discuss research projects at the intersection of neuroscience, engineering, and data analytics. These monthly meetings connect researchers and students across disciplines, and identify new technologies that will help brain injury survivors and researchers.


Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Seminars

The fNIRS series explores novel neuroimaging techniques focused on optical imaging in near-infrared light. fNIRS technology can measure brain function at the bedside or the sideline, and CBI is advancing the use and capability of this imaging modality.

Mike Winters - August 23, 2019


Alzheimer's Research Center of Excellence
The ARCOE seminars are building a community of Alzheimer's and dementia researchers around campus to explore and develop research in neurodegeneration. Dementia, Parkinson's, and epilepsy are neurodegenerative conditions that can result after a brain injury, and ARCOE is key to bridging the neurotrauama and neurodegeneration research teams.

Noah Weisleder - September 4, 2019 Kathy Wright - November 6, 2019


CLinical Arts Seminar Series

CLASS seminars are bridging the humanities and fine arts disciplines to neurological research and care teams so we can better understand the impact of music, dance, art, and drama on recovery from brain injury. These multidisciplinary interventions are often understudied and frequently asked for by patients and providers alike.