Building wellness skills for brain injury survivors and families.
Connecting community members to research and care.


NeuroNights is a workshop series that builds wellness skills, community, and connections for survivors of brain injury and other neurological conditions. Patients, family members, students, and professionals all interact in hour-long educational sessions led by doctors, therapists, and researchers. Survivors and family members can connect during open discussions on social nights.

Each month, we explore a wellness topic over 3 sessions:

  1. A WORKSHOP to LEARN about wellness concepts and research,
  2. A PATIENT EDUCATION class guiding you to APPLY this information, and
  3. A SOCIAL NIGHT to SHARE your experience and successes.


While we can't do in-person interactions at the moment, NeuroNights is now available online to continue teaching wellness skills and provide an online space for survivors and their families to connect with peers.

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All NeuroNights sessions are from 6:30PM to 7:30PM, and hosted online. Recorded presentations are available to watch any time.

FALL 2020

Healthy Relationships & Intimacy after Brain Injury

Building and strengthening relationships takes work, especially after injury or illness. Our experts will help guide you to understand how to renew and recover your relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

  • September 3: Workshop with Lisa Batchos, PhD
  • September 10: Patient Education with Mallory Kasper, DPT
  • September 17: Social Night!

Companion & Support Animals

Animals all around us can help improve our mood, social connections, and more. Ohio State researchers studying human-animal interactions, and our support animal programs will show you how your family pet, farm animals, trained therapy dogs, or even that pesky squirrel in your backyard can keep us happy and stress free.

  • October 1: Workshop with Kelly George, PhD
  • October 8: Patient Education with Buckeye Paws
  • October 15: Social Night!

Family Approaches for Social Wellness

Family dynamics can always be challenging after injury, especially as we physically distance - but we're all in this together! Learn how to help one another through difficult times from our psychologists and social workers.

  • November 5: Workshop with Christine Koterba, PhD (Nationwide Children's Hospital) & Kristen Hildebrandt (Disability Rights Ohio)
  • November 12: Patient Education with Joy Omslaer, LISW
  • November 19: Social Night!

Sports & Intensity for Physical Wellness

Staying fit through regular exercise can help you recover stronger and faster. Learn how to best challenge yourself through intense physical activity, and how we adapt our senses during recovery .

  • December 3: Workshop with Jaclyn Caccese, PhD
  • December 10: Patient Education with Meredith Banhos, DPT
  • December 17: Social Night!

NeuroNights is supported by funds raised from the Brain Injury Awareness 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk.
Sign up for this year's race here:


Learn and ask questions about how the coronavirus pandemic impacts brain injury survivorship in an open forum with Dr. Sheital Bavishi, Medical Director of Ohio State's TBI Rehabiltation Program.


Sheital Bavishi, DO

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Acupuncturist
  • Medical Director of Ohio State's TBI Rehab

About Me

  • Rated in the top 10 percent of physicians in the nation for patient satisfaction, 2014-2019

Procedures and Conditions I Treat

  • Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic, Cognitive Disorders
  • Muscle Spasticity
  • Brain Injuries
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Traumatic
  • Brain Hemorrhage, Traumatic
  • Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Goose Chase, our virtual scavenger hunt platform, officially began during this session. You can find directions for how to download the app and find our game in the scrollbar above, or you can rewatch the video to learn more.

Happy Hunting!

Missions to be completed by 5/21:

5/7/2020 - Welcome Back
Copper Column - 400 pts (Make a tower of pennies or coins at least 30 high and be sure to get some photographic evidence!)
Stay Informed - 500 pts (Watch the governor's address at 2pm and snap a photo!)
Books on Books - 400 pts (What books are you reading? Snap a picture of a book you're currently reading!)
Good Eats - 400 pts (Prepare and eat a healthy delicious meal!)
Puzzle Time - 500 pts (Complete a puzzle and snap a picture! Can be jigsaw, crossword, sudoku, word search, etc.)
Safety First - 400 pts (Snap a photo wearing your mask!)
Fresh Air - 600 pts (Take an outdoor walk in the park or simply enjoy some fresh air! Practicing social distancing of course, and be sure to snap a photo.)
Woof Woof - 600 pts (Get a picture with a dog, cat or pet of your choice! Bonus points for a video of them completing a trick.)

Virtual Reality - 600 pts (Use a fun and appropriate virtual background on Zoom for our next Neuro Nights session! Helpful hints available on our website in the Zoom packet.)

Break the Ice - 600 pts (Post a short video with your name, how you heard about Neuro Nights, and what you hope to learn and achieve through the program.)

Stay Connected - 500 pts (Videochat with a family member or friend.

Light Reading - 500 pts (Read up on how to use Zoom and Goosechase using the available documents on our website! Complete this mission by snapping a photo of the 4th page of the Zoom document.)

Join the Fun - 400 pts (If you haven't already done so, register for Virtual Neuro Nights using the sign up link on our website. Complete this mission by entering in the word "complete!")

Social distancing and troubling news can be stressful for anyone. In this session, Drs. Anthea Gray, Ruchika Prakash, and Kathy Wright show you how daily schedules, sleep routines, and mindfulness practices can help you to reduce stress and mood challenges

Ruchika Prakash, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor, Clinical Area

  • Faculty in the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University

Contact Information

(614) 292-8462

139 Psychology Building

1835 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Research Interests

Dr. Prakash's research interests broadly focus on understanding neuroplasticity in the context of healthy aging and neurological disorders, specifically multiple sclerosis, and applying the knowledge gained through research in basic sciences to design interventions that tap into such neuroplasticity



Kathy Wright, Ph.D., APRN-CNS

  • Assistant Professor
  • The Ohio State University College of Nursing

Contact Information


376 Newton Hall

1585 Neil Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

Research Interests

Dr. Wright's research centers on improving mental health and blood pressure self-management in African American older adults with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, cognitive impairment and hypertension. She also holds a faculty position in The Ohio State University Discovery Themes-Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Brain Injury Institute.


Anthea Gray, Psy.D

More Information Coming Soon

Goose Chase, our virtual scavenger hunt platform, continues with this session. You can find directions for how to download the app and find our game in the scrollbar above. Updated missions are given below, and ideally should be completed before the next session on 6/4.

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New Missions as of 5/21:

5/21/2020 - Emotional Wellness
4-7-8 Technique - 600 pts (Watch the youtube video on the 4-7-8 Breathing technique available here and post a video completing the technique!
Straw Breathing - 600 pts (Watch the youtube video on Straw Breathing technique available here, try out the technique, and snap a pic with your straw to complete this mission!
Mindful Eating - 500 pts (Review this infographic and post a reaction after trying one or the tactics! Which tactic did you try out?
Get Familiar - 400 pts (Take a moment to get to know our speaker for next week through the available link. What is something you're most interested in learning about emotional wellness?
Craft Time - 500 pts (Draw a colorful picture or get involved in any of your favorite crafts! Get creative and snap a pic of your creation.)
Fallin' For You - 500 pts (Record a video of at least 20 dominos falling!)
Ahoy Matey - 500 pts (Construct and wear a pirate hat made of newspaper!)

Staying active at home is great for physical and mental wellness. Physical therapist Alicia Kempton and nurse practitioner Susan Bowman Burpee lead an interactive chair yoga session, plus offer tips and resources for safe exercising at home.

Learn how relationships, especially intimate ones, can change and recover following chronic injury or illness. Dr. Lisa Batchos, Rehabilitation Psychologist at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center discusses how rehabilitation psychology can help improve sexuality and intimacy for survivors and their loved ones.

Dr. Mallory Kasper, Physical Therapist, discusses actions you can take to start and improve relationships, and to safely meet, date, and connect over the internet.

Learn how to plan for disability expenses, how to understand new policies, and more with financial planner Logan Phillips. This session is especially great for caregivers.

Music is a fantastic way to reduce stress, improve mood, and connect with others. Dr. Eugenia Costa-Giomi will explain how music helps you to stay well, and will lead a therapeutic drumming session using items you have at home.

Knowledge is power! Learn how your brain responds to injury, how and why brain injury survivors develop persistent symptoms, and how we can evaluate and intervene using technology. Neurologist Andrew Sas, MD, and rehab scientist Jaclyn Caccese, PhD, will give you a good foundation on the clinical side of brain injury