CBI convenes researchers from across the university to discuss the science behind our understanding of brain injury mechanisms, detection methods, and approaches for treatment and prevention. These presentations are opportunities to better understand the scope of brain injury research, to connect with colleagues across disciplines, and innovate comprehensive solutions for the invisible epidemic of brain injury.

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Recent Presentations:

Buckeye Neurotrauma Lectures featuring Jonathan Godbout, PhD
Unique trauma associated microglia induced by diffuse brain injury promote chronic cortical inflammation, neuronal dysfunction, and cognitive decline

January 15, 2021


Biweekly, Fridays @ 9:30AM online. To view our virtual seminars, please click the corresponding box at the top of the page.

CBI's flagship seminar series convenes researchers to share and discuss current projects in brain injury, spinal cord injury, and related topics. This series brings together basic and clinical biological scientists, engineering and data analytics researchers, and pychologists and neuroimagers into a single collaborative group. NT-RIPS is co-sponsored by the Center for Brain & Spinal Cord Repair.


AUGUST 14, 2020: ELIZABETH (LIZ) KIRBY, PHD | Why Don't You Just Do Single Cell RNA-Seq? Replicability in Low RNA Input Transcriptomics in Mouse Injury Models
College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

AUGUST 28, 2020: PHILLIP POPOVICH, PHD | Acute post-injury blockade of α2δ-1 calcium channel subunits prevents pathological autonomic plasticity after spinal cord injury
College of Medicine, Department of Neuroscience

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020: ZEYNEP SAYGIN, PHD | Developmental cognitive neuroscience to understand uniquely human cognition​
College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

NOVEMBER 13, 2020: JINGHUA LI, PHD | Nanoelectronics-Enabled Neural Interfaces for Chronic Brain Injury
College of Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

DECEMBER 11, 2020: DAN MERFELD, PHD | Evaluating Balance and Vestibular Function in mild TBI Patients
College of Medicine, Department of Otololaryngology

JANUARY 08, 2021: KATHRYN LENZ, PHD | Early life traumatic injury: sex differences, immune cells, and neurobehavioral outcomes across the lifespan​
College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

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CBI co-sponsors clinical grand rounds presentations to raise visibility for brain injury research, practice guidelines, and team members. These events convene clinicians, researchers, and engineers to promote interdisciplinary work that addresses clinical gaps, technological barriers, and research opportunities. CBI partners with clinical departments and colleges to offer this series. See our recent sessions below.

JULY 31, 2020: PATRICK QUAID | Understanding Visual Dysfunction in mTBI: Research Overview and Clinical Pearls
College of Optometry

AUGUST 25, 2020: ANDREW SAS, MD, PHD | Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Needs a Multidisciplinary Approach for Care
College of Medicine, Department of Neurology

OCTOBER 27, 2020: SEAN ROSE, MD & KELLY MCNALLY, PHD | Post-Concussion Syndrome: What To Do When Kids Don't Get Better​
Nationwide Children's Hospital

JANUARY 13, 2021: SAMUEL MCLEAN, MD, MPH | Understanding and Preventing Adverse Posttraumatic Neuropsychiatric Sequelae
College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

JANUARY 25, 2021: TODD MONROE, PHD | Could Pain Sensitivity be a Biomarker for Dementia?
College of Nursing

MARCH 5, 2021: ANTHONY KONTOS, PHD | An Evidence-based Approach to Concussion Care using Clinical Profiles and Targeted Interventions
College of Medicine, School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

MAY 3, 2021: KARL KLAMAR, MD, FAAPMR | Pediatric Concussion: From the Sideline to the Classroom
College of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Buckeye Neurotrauma Lectures (BNL) are a new open seminar series for Ohio State faculty to share their work in neurotrauma topics with the public. Building on our efforts to engage virtually, such as the recent CBI Research Day conference and Twitter presence, the BNL series aims to promote recently published work to a national or international audience. We hope this serves as a channel to raise individual visibility and team recognition for excellence in brain injury research and care.

This series is co-sponsored by the Center for Brain & Spinal Cord Repair and will complement both the continuing NT-RIPS (internal sharing and workshopping of research projects) and the CBI Grand Rounds series (educating clinicians across disciplines).

Buckeye Neurotrauma Lectures will be held ~6 times per year (2 per semester) and will eventually expand to include junior faculty and external speakers .​

Ohio TBI Summit

CBI co-sponsors the Ohio TBI Summit, hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Ohio. This conference brings together health professionals, brain injury survivors, researchers, and caregivers to learn about brain injury survivorship and care in Ohio. Attendees also include members of the Brain Injury Advisory Council, Ohio's legislative team focused on supporting and guiding brain injury resources across the state. Ohio State faculty, staff, and trainees present their work to the community in a sponsored poster and lightning talk session.


CBI co-hosts monthly workshops for brain injury survivors and their families focused on promoting lifelong wellness after brain injury. These workshops bring experts from across Ohio State's campus to educate and enable the brain injury community to adopt healthy behaviors, navigate financial and legal challenges, and encourage independent and productive living.

Learn more about NeuroNights here.

CBI Research Day

CBI's flagship event convenes Ohio State faculty, staff, and students from across the university to share and discuss the latest insights into chronic brain injury topics. This full-day symposium features guest speakers, Ohio State experts, trainee posters and lightning talks, and presentations from campus partners. Learn more here.