Preventing the Flu

Developing a Universal Flu Vaccine

August 15, 2013


As public health officials keep a wary eye for signs of resurgence of a deadly flu strain that emerged in China last spring, an Ohio State University researcher in the Food Animal Health Research Program is working on a new type of flu vaccine that would vastly improve the odds of protecting both humans and animals from the flu virus.

A $2.2 million grant from a joint program of the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding this work to develop a universal flu vaccine that would work against a broad array of flu strains.

The new vaccine is being tested in both swine and poultry at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center's campus in Wooster, Ohio. It is being tested in mice at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Because swine and poultry are those animals most affected by the flu – and can transmit the virus to humans -  there’s a dual benefit to this promising research.

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