Healing Broken Bones

New Coating Could Heal People Faster

July 29, 2013
Contact: DiscoveryThemes@osu.edu


Broken bones and joint replacements may someday heal faster, thanks to an unusual coating for medical implants under development at The Ohio State University.

Researchers here have found that bone cells grow and reproduce faster on a textured surface than they do on a smooth one—and they grow best when they can cling to a microscopic shag carpet made of tiny metal oxide wires.

In tests, the wires boosted cell growth by nearly 80 percent compared to other surfaces, which suggests that the coating would help healthy bone form a strong bond with an implant faster.

The engineers developed an affordable technique for creating the wires, which they describe in a paper in the July 2013 issue of the journal Ceramics International.

The method to grow the wires is also exceedingly simple. Beyond setting the right mix of materials and gases, it involves little other than pressing a button to turn on the laboratory furnace.

Researchers are now exploring other material and gas combinations to make different nano-sized shapes for cell growth and chemical sensing.

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