Frank De Lucia

Distinguished University Professor
Department of Physics

Frank C. De Lucia received his B.S. degree from Iowa Wesleyan College and his Ph.D. from Duke University. He is Distinguished University Professor of physics at The Ohio State University and previously was professor of physics at Duke University. He has served both departments as chairman. He has been associated with Ohio State’s Microwave Laboratory since 1964 and currently serves as its director. Along with his students and coworkers, he has developed many of the basic technologies and systems approaches for the SMM/THz and exploited them for scientific studies. Among his research interests are remote sensing and atmospheric propagation, the spectroscopy of small, fundamental molecules, SMM/THz techniques, collisional processes and mechanisms, the excitation and study of excited states, molecules of atmospheric and astronomical importance, imaging and phenomenology, and analytical chemistry and gas sensing.  He belongs to the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, and Phi Beta Kappa. He was awarded the 1992 Max Planck Research Prize in Physics and the 2001 William F. Meggers Award of the Optical Society of America.