David Cole

Professor and Ohio Research Scholar
School of Earth Sciences

Professor David Cole is a geochemist in the School of Earth Sciences with extensive experience in the areas of geologic carbon sequestration and related energy and environmental issues. His research interests span a number of sub-disciplines in the geosciences and chemistry, including both low temperature and high temperature studies. He employs microscopy, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and neutron scattering tools in concert with numerical models to quantify complex fluid-gas-matrix interactions. He has applied these tools to quantifying geochemical processes associated with CO2 storage, oil and gas generation and migration, geothermal exploitation, and ore deposition. Dr. Cole has published over 150 journal articles, book chapters, and proceedings papers. His current research sponsors include the Department of Energy’s Office of Basic Energy Sciences and the Office of Fossil Energy. A fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America, in 2010, he was named Ohio State’s Ohio Research Scholar in Subsurface Extraction and Carbon Sequestration Science. Prior to coming to Ohio State, Dr. Cole spent several years as Distinguished Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University.