Investing in our future

In case you missed it, last week Provost Steinmetz made an important announcement for Arts and Sciences in his address to the University Senate. After taking time to recognize that the “arts and humanities make up a significant part of our academic core and have added significantly to the reputation of this institution,” he announced the addition of a fourth Discovery Themes Initiative to invest in the arts and humanities. During the next five years, a $5M commitment from OAA will include $2.5M in recurring dollars and $2.5M in cash. The Provost also identified three top-line goals for this initiative:

  1. enhance the worldwide presence of Ohio State outside of Columbus;
  2. enhance student engagement and faculty collaborations; and
  3. contribute to the reversal of a national downturn in arts and humanities enrollments.

Vice Dean Susan Williams will be working with Vice Provost Mike Boehm to define and lead this new unprecedented opportunity to be national leaders in this area.