What are the Discovery Themes and why is Ohio State developing them?

The Discovery Themes are being developed to leverage Ohio State’s special strengths to address the technological, social, and environmental stresses that define today’s global world. As the nation’s largest and most comprehensive public university, Ohio State can focus an unmatched breadth of expertise on the issues of Health and Wellness, Energy and Environment, and Food Production and Security. Over the next 10 years, our investment in the Discovery Themes will provide the basis for attracting new tenured/tenure-track faculty working in Discovery Themes areas. These scholars will collaborate with our existing faculty, spurring the transformational breakthroughs needed to solve today's and tomorrow's grand challenges.

How were the Discovery Themes leaders chosen?

The Discovery Themes leaders are respected faculty and senior academic administrators selected because of their experience and reputation, the disciplines they represent, and the key initiatives they have previously led.

How will the Discovery Themes be funded?

The Discovery Themes are funded by a combination of central dollars and college matching funds.  This funding will be leveraged with external resources across the public and private sectors.

Who will make decisions about where to invest?

The provost, guided by recommendations from the Faculty Advisory Boards and Discovery Themes Executive Team, has made decisions about the focus areas for investment.

What is the university’s vision for Discovery Themes hiring?

The Discovery Themes Initiative funding will allow for an 8% to 10% net increase in the tenured/tenure-track faculty, in accordance with the university’s stated strategic vision. It is critical that these new colleagues be collaborative and eager to reach across boundaries of discipline, department, and college. It is equally critical that they be culturally and intellectually diverse. Ohio State is committed to fostering a richly collaborative and inclusive environment in which all members of our learning community can reach their full potential.

If you have additional questions, please contact Vice Provost for Academic and Strategic Planning Mike Boehm or Associate Provost Stephen Myers, who are coordinating the implementation of the Discovery Themes.

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