Since Ohio State opened its doors in 1873, the university has embraced its land-grant mandate to bring the practical results of its research prowess to the community. From the development of the state’s Meteorological Service in 1873 to today’s advances in nanotechnology, climate change, and materials science, Ohio State has pioneered the discoveries and innovations that change—and save—lives. The Discovery Themes initiative is the natural evolution of Ohio State’s time-honored tradition of finding solutions to grand challenges.

Officially launched in October, 2012, the Discovery Themes owe their existence to a 2008 planning retreat where faculty, staff, students, and other university leaders considered the globe’s most pressing challenges and Ohio State’s role in addressing them. Subsequent institution-wide strategic planning efforts confirmed the university’s excellence in a number of the challenge areas, especially these: ensuring a sustainable future, nourishing the world’s growing population, and promoting the health of people everywhere. With expertise in these areas located throughout Ohio State’s six campuses, 15 colleges, 105 departments, and more than 220 centers and institutes, the Discovery Themes of Energy and Environment, Food Production and Security, Health and Wellness and the Humanities and the Arts were identified as long-term targets of university-wide teaching, research, and engagement.

The Discovery Themes provide Ohio State with an unprecedented opportunity to find durable solutions to today’s—and tomorrow’s—most compelling issues. This is the world’s agenda. And, through the Discovery Themes initiative, we are making it Ohio State’s.